Be India’s one of the foremost Control Valve Manufacturer.


  • Achieve Market leadership for Control Valves in India.
  • Be recognized as foremost innovator in Control Valve & Valve based solutions.
  • Drive long term profitable growth.
  • Create enhanced value for all stakeholders.
  • Make Pneucon a great place to work.

Quality Policy

Pneucon Valves Pvt. Ltd. is committed to achieve continual improvement in all facets of its products (Process Control Valves), which are fit for the specified purpose and comply with the company’s Management Policies and Indian Boilers Regulation, ASME Code and Pressure Equipment Directive and other National and International Standards and Statutory and Regulatory requirements as applicable to the product that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Our Objectives and Goals can be achieved by

  1. By maintaining an efficient quality management systems planned and developed in co-ordination with other management functions.
  2. By creating an environment, which encourages all employees to continually pursue improvements and excellence.
  3. By maintaining consistency and reliability at all levels to ensure right Products on time, every time.

Quality Assurance

PNEUCON CONTROL VALVE operates a Quality Management System Certified as ISO-9001:2008 by BVQI. Globe Control Valves can be supplied with “CE ” Marking under the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and the Pressure Equipment Regulation 1999 No. 2001

Our Products and associated technology serves the industries that are extremely diverse in their requirements. In particular, factors such as Castings acceptance levels vary considerably from one type of user to another. Experience has shown that it is not viable to develop a universal system to meet the varying requirements. In response to this situation, we offer open examination of our methods and systems by the user or his appointed representative. This type of examination may be considered on a single contract basis or as a regular user basis.

We do not seek a formal approval but in case of any approval implicit or inherent in our acceptance as suppliers may be endorsed on a formal basis by user if he so wishes.

Additionally, In case of any variation in our system, which may arise in the context of individual contracts, this facility is directed towards intermediate contractors who are themselves endeavoring to meet the diverse requirements of this principles.

Except as stated by contractual commitment on features such as flange connection, etc. no blanket standards shall be considered to apply, however the construction and control of our products are predominantly influenced by Indian and ANSI Standards and their various derivatives and supplements. Where references are made to certain standards in the attached summary, these indicate our normal practice. Since many standards include sections to be mutually agreed between user and supplier, our compliance on any specific point should be the subject of confirmation.