Globe 2 – Way Control Valve Series-110

Globe 2 Way Series-110 – Technical Specifications

VALVE SIZE 15 to 450 mm ( 1/2” to 18” )
RATING ANSI 150 to 2500 or Equivalents to BS, DIN, etc.
FACE TO FACE ISA S.75.03 up to 600#

ISA S.75.16 900# and above

END CONNECTION Flanged, Screwed, Butt Weld, Socket weld.
BODY MATERIALS Carbon Steel, Chrome-moly Steel, Stainless Steel,

Monel, Alloy20, Hastelloy B/C, Duplex Stainless

Steel, Aluminum Bronze, PP, PTFE etc.

PTFE Lined / PTFE Metal Housed

BONNET Standard upto 250°C

Normalizing (Finned) between 250°C to 500°C

Extended cold service – 20°C to – 100°C

Cryogenic – 100ºC to – 250ºC

Bellows seals.

GLAND PACKING Grafoil / PTFE V Rings, Low Emission
TRIM DESIGNS Top Guided Contoured, Splined Micro Flow,
V-Ported (Balanced / Unbalanced),
Low Noise ( LN1, LN2, LN3, LN4 )
TRIM MATERIALS Stainless Steel, Alloy20, Monel, Duplex Stainless

Steel,13% Chrome Steel Hastelloy B/C, Stellite

(Alloy 6 )

CHARACTERISTICS Equal Percentage, Linear and Quick Opening.
SEAT LEAKAGE As per ANSI/FCI-70-2 Class III. IV, V and VI


Seating Class IV, Less than 0.01% of rated Cv.

Metal to Soft Seating – Bubble tight (Zero Leakage)

ACTUATOR TYPE Diaphragm, Piston or Electric.
ACTUATOR ACTION Direct / Reverse Acting.
DIAPHRAGM Nitrile / Neoprene
SPRING RANGES 3 – 15 PSIG ( 0.2 – 1.0 Kg/cm² )

6 – 30 PSIG ( 0.4 – 2.0 Kg/cm² )

AIR SUPPLY 20 – 35 PSIG (1.4 – 2.5 Kg/cm² )
AIR CONNECTION 1/ 4” or 1/ 2” NPT
ACCESSORIES Valve Positioner – Pneumatic , Electro Pneumatic,
Smart Positioner.


Airset, Solenoid Valve, Air Lock,
Volume Booster, Position
Transmitter, Limit – Proximity Switches etc.


Top or Side Mounted handwheel, Limit Stops
Removable Blind Head, Steam Jacketing, etc.

Globe 2 Way Series-110 – Design Features

  • High flow capacity and rangeability.
  • Large variety of Trim design.
  • Top entry for ease of inspection and maintenance.
  • Tight closing for reliable control even when changes in pressure / temperature are sudden

    and extreme.

  • Bolts located outside of the piping stress area to eliminate gasket crush problems,
  • Wide selection of actuators to meet most system requirement.
  • Rigorously proven on-site performance.

Quality And Performance Guarantee

  • Produced with Quality Systems accredited to ISO 9001 : 2008 by Bureau Veritas and “CE”
    marked in accordance to Pressure Equipments Directive and Regulations by Lloyd’s Register.
  • Full material certification available for all major component Parts.
  • Full guarantee on design and Performance.
  • All testing performed to the requirements of ASME B16.34.